no te dejes engañarDo not be


Have you ever been cheated when you buy something on the phone? Are you tired of making claims that go nowhere? Did they promise something and later failed to comply? The Legal Recording will allow you to certify everything you were promised that has not been respected.

ni acosarOr harassment


Workplace harassment, administrative abuse, gender violence, bullying at school, matrimonial disputes, … Whatever your case, Legal Recorder will allow you to make the recording before a justice of legal validity.

ahora puedes defenderteDefend


You are not alone. Many of us suffer from this kind of abuse. Join our community, share your experiences and learn from others.

Here we will explain

It is legal to record telephone conversations?

How much use Legal Recorder?

Here you will find some answers

How it works Legal Recorder?

The telephone number of Legal Recorder in USA is 917-8311940 of New York

  • Record
  • The call is recorded directly on our servers, so you may certify that the file has not been tampered with
  • Save
  • Certified calls will remain stored for 5 years from the date of generation of the call
  • Certify
  • Once finalised the recording enters a code HASH that guarantees the integrity of the file
  • Guard
  • A copy of the call deposits in a “Third Party” in such a way that it guarantee the authenticity of the call
  • Classify
  • Can you create folders that you want to categorize and sort your calls
  • Rename
  • Identify with a name to make it easier to find the call you want
  • Download
  • You can download a copy of the audio file for free
  • Search
  • Advanced Search to easily find your important recordings
  • Certify Number of Calls
  • You can certify the number of calls you’ve made to a telephone and the number of times I have called you.
  • Share
  • You can share with your friends the recordings you make.
  • Delete
  • You can delete those files that you are not interested
  • Free Balance
  • You can get Free Balance to call and if you prefer you can redeem for cash.

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